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Once they took it out of plaster back at the lab, they noticed that many of its shell bones were crushed and twisted. It could have died at sea and washed ashore. But the more likely explanation, the team argues, is that it crawled across a tidal flat, became stranded as it searched for a way back out to sea or a place to lay eggs, and died.

The massive sauropod dinosaurs crossing the same flat might have been looking for a less cluttered way to a new area than passing through a thick inland forest. And then came the putative stomping. More recently there have been recorded cases of elephants crunching turtles underfoot, offering a modern analogy.

But large predators like jaguars can also break apart a sea turtle shell in a way that can make it look as if it has been crushed, Dr.

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Stayton said. Another explanation, said Jordan Mallon, a paleontologist at the Canadian Museum of Nature who also was not involved in the study, is that the fossil was simply crushed under the weight of the rocks above it over the millions of years it was buried. Mallon said. A Devonian fauna from Colombia. Bulletin of American Paleontology 24 83 , Some remarks on trilobites as influenced by stratigraphical relations, with outline of a new grouping of these forms. Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada 7, On Cordania, a proposed new genus of trilobites. Oriskany fauna of Becraft Mountain.

New York State Museum, Memoir 3, Report of the State Paleontologist New York State Museum 80, Some new Devonic fossils. New York State Museum, Geology 12 , New York State Museum, Memoir 9 1 , pp. On the paleontology of the State of New York. New genera of North American brachiopods. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 32, Devonian brachiopods of New Mexico.

Bulletins of American Paleontology 82 and 83, , Annals of the South African Museum 89, Paleolatitudes in the Devonian of Brazil and the Frasnian-Famennian mass extinction. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 21, DALL, W.

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A revision of the Terebratulidae and Lingulidae. American Journal of Conchiology 6, DELO, D. A revision of the Phacopid trilobites. Journal of Paleontology 9, Phacopid trilobites of North America. Geological Society of America, Special Papers 29, Phylogeny of the Trilobite subgenus Acanthopyge Lobopyge.

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Cladistics 17, Novyi rod lingulid in niznepermskikh otlozhenii Sibirskoi platformy. Palaeontologicheskii zhurnal 4 , Systematics of lower and lower middle Devonian species of the trilobite Phacops Emmrich in North America. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History , Calmoniid trilobites of the Lower Devonian Scaphocoelia Zone of Bolivia, with remarks on related species.

Biogeography of Silurian and Devonian trilobites of the Malvinokaffric Realm, Oregon State University Press. Fauna eodevonica del Uruguay. Geologia Colombiana 7, Morphology, systematic position and origin of the inarticulate brachiopods with calcareous shells. Paleontologicheskii zhurnal 3 , Synopsis of the contents of the British Museum, 42th edition. British Museum, London. Synopsis of the trilobites of North America. American Journal of Geology and Natural History 1 12 , HAAS, W.

Palaeontographica A , HALL, J.

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Descriptions of new species of fossils, from the investigations of the Survey. An introduction to the study of the genera of Palaeozoic Brachiopoda. New York Geological Survey, part 1, Diagnoses of new brachiopod genera and species.

Part 1, Industrial Research Centre, Tripoli, Libya. Silurian Dalmanitacean trilobites from North America, and the subfamilies Dalmanitinae and Synphoriinae. This major collection of articles covers everything you wanted to know about the Mazon Creek fossils. Ostrom, M. This guide to Wisconsin fossils is nontechnical and suitable for collectors of all ages.

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Perry, T. Beautifully illustrated survey of Indiana fossils includes a list of twenty collecting localities. The booklet is aimed at high school students and adults. Pine, R. This detailed map guide identifies twenty-eight collecting localities in the northernmost twenty-four counties of Illinois. Rhodes, F.

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Zim, and P. Colorful, well-illustrated book introduces the topic to beginners and amateurs. Rich, P. Rich, M. Fenton, and C. Superbly illustrated comprehensive guide covers the entire field of paleontology and paleobotany. The 1, drawings and photos, along with its expansive text, are international in scope. They come with identification keys, a glossary, listings of collections, and thirteen pages of references. Rose, J.

Collectors' field guide includes detailed descriptions of collecting sites and their rock sections. Eighteen plates of drawings are provided for identifications. A geologic map of Iowa is included in a pocket. Shabica, C. An excellent guide covering the wide spectrum of fossil animals found in the Mazon Creek area, including chapters on the geologic and paleoenvironmental setting. Although aimed at the professional, it provides the detailed information relished by many amateurs.

Shaver, R. In this attractive introduction to fossils and collecting, thirty-four collecting areas in Indiana and adjacent states are described in some detail. Thompson, I.