State Space Grids: Depicting Dynamics Across Development

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Flowing toward correct contributions during groups' mathematics problem solving: A statistical discourse analysis.

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The Nature and Meaning of Intraindividual Variability in Development in the Early Life Span

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Sentinel 2 data format

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Depicting Dynamics Across Development

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System Dynamics Tutorial 4 - Building State-Space Models

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Journals and Conferences. Learn More. Developmentalists are generally interested in systems perspectives and this is reflected in the theoretical models of the past decade. However, the methodological tools to test these models are … More. Behavioral rigidity is a common feature of many psychopathologies, yet the association between rigidity and the development of childhood psychopathology has not been studied.

State space grids a … More. Negative emotion has been shown to reduce flexibility in cognition and behavior. We examined interpersonal flexibility during negative emotional episodes within parent-child interactions. Fifty-five … More. Parent-child dyadic rigidity and negative affect contribute to children's higher levels of externalizing problems.

The present longitudinal study examined whether the opposite constructs of dyadic … More. Human development from birth through adulthood is a complex interplay of many interacting forces.