New Methods for Quantum Mechanical Reaction Dynamics [thesis]

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Lecture 10 : Quantum Mechanical Analysis-Part I

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Quantum mechanical limits to the control of atom—diatom chemical reactions through the polarisation of the reactants. You have access to this article. Please wait while we load your content Something went wrong. Try again? Cited by. Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Article type: Paper.

Our consistent extension of the Wigner-Weyl-Moyal phase-space formulation of quantum mechanics to general curved configuration spaces appeared in Physical Review A. A 88 , Stefan Nimmrichter received a Ph. Nonlocal interference based on EPR-correlated particles allows one to detect entanglement and non-classical particle behavior using simple position measurements.

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Our extension of the Wigner-Weyl phase space representation to the rotation dynamics of solid quantum objects appeared in New Journal of Physics. New J. Our proposal for an experimentally accessible, objective, and universal measure for the macroscopicity of superposition states in material quantum systems appeared in Physical Review Letters.

See also phys. Further information is available at the school website. Organizers: M. Arndt U Vienna , K.

source Hornberger U Duisburg-Essen. Further information can be found at the project website. Our review article on matter wave interferometry of complex organic molecules and inorganic clusters appeared in Reviews of Modern Physics. Phys 84 , It has been reviewed by Mark Buchanan in Nature Physics. Search Information for Hornberger group - Welcome Theoretical Quantum Physics. Home Research Topics Publications Workshops. Lectures Seminars Theses. Members Join us. Welcome to our website We are exploring the complex dynamics of open nanoscale quantum systems, partly in collaboration with leading experimentalists.

June 27, Decoherence of quantum fields We present a generic description of the quantum-to-classical transition of non-relativistic bosonic fields.

Atomic physicists measure bond length/precise testing of quantum-mechanical tunnel effect

February 28, Assessing quantum mechanical superposition tests via hypothesis falsification A recent preprint presents an objective scheme to determine the macroscopicity of quantum mechanical superposition tests, i. November 20, Coherence of molecular superrotors Decoherence theory explains the surprising stability of the alignment of rapidly rotating molecules, in excellent quantitative agreement with the experimental observation.

October 29, Orientational quantum superpositions of nanoscale rotors In a recent preprint, we propose an experimentally viable scheme to probe orientational quantum revivals with nanoscale particles, an interference effect of the rotational degrees of freedom testifying a superposition of all orientations. September 17, Conformer-selection by matter-wave interference In almost all larger molecules, the spatial arrangement of the atoms can show up in different geometries, even with all binding links equal.

June 15, Rotational friction and diffusion of quantum rotors We present the general quantum description of friction, diffusion, decoherence, and thermalization in the rotational motion of rigid bodies. Congrats, Lukas! May 11, Gas-induced friction and diffusion of classical rigid rotors The impact of a rarefid gas on the coupled rotational and translational motion of arbitrarily shaped particles can be predicted microscopically from the Boltzmann equation, yielding the associated friction and diffusion tensors. November 22, A nanoscale clock with precise dials Suitably modulated laser beams imprint the precision of an electronic clock onto the intrinsically chaotic angular motion of a levitated nanoscale dial.

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March 13, Optical Control of Levitated Nanorods The ro-translational motion of silicon nanorods can be detected and manipulated by laser light in an optical cavity. November 4, Kai Walter, Ph.

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Congrats, Kai! Semiclassical methods in chemical reaction dynamics. United States: N.

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  5. Successful application of the semiclassical hybrid approach to collinear reactive scattering is prevented by the phenomenon of chaotic scattering. Other availability. Please see Document Availability for additional information on obtaining the full-text document. Library patrons may search WorldCat to identify libraries that hold this thesis or dissertation.

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