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Our main character, Jenny, played by Carey Mulligan, grapples with these decisions as she prepares for Oxford.

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By pushing her toward a life of extensive studying and extracurricular activities, her father has encouraged her to achieve greatness. Yet, just as she is about to take her A-levels, she becomes engaged to her endearingly mature and cultured boyfriend, played by Peter Saarsgard.

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For someone who spent her college years theorizing in circles, only to find herself wondering what kind of job she could do with a Women and Gender Studies degree, it is easy to imagine why someone would pursue education for the sake of self-betterment. Yet there is a certain type of agency that one gains from employment.

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Moreover, women tend to allocate the bulk of their income to health care and education for their children. Nevertheless, a dilemma soon develops. The more time women allocate to work, the less time they have to accomplish domestic labor, which traditionally has and still falls to women.

Eventually, women carry a double burden for the sake of access to greater opportunity and, in terms of Amartya Sen, access to greater freedoms.

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Many intelligent and competent women—particularly those who have the privilege to do so—forfeit their careers to raise families, such as my paternal grandmother. Fortunately for women living in England, where our story takes place, the government helps to alleviate the double burden by providing more comprehensive support for new mothers. Whereas women in the United States only have access to three months of maternity leave, British women are given one year.

Consequently, children spend less time in day care. Moreover, extended maternity leave still does not solve the problem of a greater domestic responsibility of women.

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  • A mantle , which Miss Jenny and I believe has passed on to another. Last year he made us all real nice stockings to hang on the mantle at Christmas. I could see you just popping up on top of a mantle. Just like Mickey Mantle , Ronnie.


    You know who Mickey Mantle was? As in Mickey Mantle , my father's favorite player.

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    Anthony Dodd Mantle , who has been one The honorable Judge A, D, Mantle presiding. It cost me three Mantle rookie cards.

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    I used to send heartfelt letters to Mickey Mantle. Mrs Bookman, this is a solid gold Mantle retractor.

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    You contribute a confusing element to the Mantle brothers' saga. Let me introduce myself.

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